PALO ALTO, CA & NEW YORK, NY – Marking a new era in the marine conservation industry, Protected-Seas and EMH Systems Ltd. announce an ambitious partnership designed to bolster conservation efforts through the expansion of data-sharing capabilities and improved environmental insights.

EMH Systems Ltd., a trailblazer in environmental vessel navigation, has unveiled a strategic alliance with Protected-Seas, the leading curator of a comprehensive global database on marine protected areas. This partnership harnesses the power of synergy and innovation to reshape the commercial shipping industry by providing unmatched environmental protection solutions.

As the maritime sector grapples with the pressing need for sustainable practices, EMH Systems Ltd. and Protected-Seas are combining their unique resources and knowledge, and are poised to pioneer environmentally responsible practices within the commercial shipping industry. Through shared data and insights, we aim to revolutionize the industry’s approach to environmental protection.

“We are excited about this partnership with Protected-Seas,” said Christopher Nagy, Co-Founder at EMH Systems Ltd. “Working together enables us to maximize our collective expertise and data, catalyzing positive change within the commercial shipping industry. As the industry expands, it’s crucial that conservation efforts keep pace. Our combined efforts present us with a unique opportunity to ensure this happens.”

Renowned for developing cutting-edge solutions to environmental challenges within the maritime domain, EMH Systems Ltd. equips maritime operators with state-of-the-art tools and services. These enable operators to mitigate environmental impact, enhance efficiency, and comply with stringent regulations.

Virgil Zetterlind, Director of Protected-Seas, said, “Compliance starts with understanding. Accessing the where and what of ocean regulations can be challenging on the water and we hope through this partnership with EMH we can help commercial shipping stay aware of the rules that apply and maximize compliance so that everyone can benefit from a healthy ocean. “

Protected-Seas, celebrated for its exhaustive database on marine protected areas, provides an indispensable resource. Their proficiency in tracking and overseeing protected zones enables maritime operators to navigate responsibly, particularly in ecologically sensitive areas.

This partnership between EMH Systems Ltd. and Protected-Seas is set to spark an industry-wide shift towards environmental stewardship. Our mutual dedication to data sharing and insight integration will fuel the creation of innovative environmental solutions. By embedding granular knowledge of marine protected areas into vessel navigation systems, they empower operators to make informed decisions that prioritize environmental sustainability.

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