Environmental Insights for Voyage Risk Management Unlocked

(HOUSTON) Global environmental insights driving more sustainable operations and proactive compliance management are now live on ABS My Digital Fleet™, after EMH Systems joined the Alliance Program.

Backed by a comprehensive global database of the most up-to-date regional and international environmental regulations, EMH Systems helps shipowners and operators better navigate and optimize the impacts of ever-changing environmental regulations on vessel operations.

Combining ABS My Digital FleetTM with EMH Systems’ advanced capabilities delivers visibility into waste stream restrictions and allowances, as well as detailed insight into all applicable regional and international regulations throughout a voyage. The approach unlocks the ability to manage operational risk through advanced route-planning and active monitoring of discharges based on geolocation to help minimize penalties and improve efficiency among even experienced crews.

ABS My Digital Fleet™ is the only customizable risk management platform that seamlessly integrates data to provide real-time insights for driving sustainable operations and reducing operational risks. The ABS My Digital FleetTM Alliance Program nurtures an ecosystem of industry-trusted intelligence and technology providers enabling integrated insights for clients on one unified platform.

“As vessels move around the globe, they navigate a constantly evolving landscape of environmental regulations where compliance is a moving target. While GHG reduction measures are at the forefront, it is equally important as acknowledged at MEPC 77 to focus on ballast water discharge, exhaust gas cleaning system discharge and marine plastic litter management to preserve our environmentally sensitive areas and protect aquatic life. ABS My Digital Fleet users are now able to take advantage of EMH Systems’ advanced capabilities to track environmental compliance requirements throughout the voyage. It’s a powerful advantage for any ship manager looking to support their crew to make informed decisions and drive more sustainable operations,” said Smarty Mathew John, ABS Vice President, Digital Solutions.

“As we look forward to the next generation in shipping of the maritime industry, it is clear the prevailing topics of importance are digitalization and environmental protection. ABS is a proven leader here and we couldn’t be more proud to work with them in achieving these advancements. Allowing vessels the insights necessary to understand their potential impact (at any given moment) is vital for conservation of the marine environment and essential for reducing risk of noncompliance,” said EMH Systems’ Christopher Nagy, Managing Partner.

More information ABS My Digital Fleet™ is available here